What are the rules?

We're currently outdoors, so no fees or major rules will pertain. If we ever move to an indoor location, that might change. Donations against costs associated with the class are voluntary, and not solicited.

While there are no rules, some guidelines might be considered as your option.

  • Protective eye wear isn't a bad idea while throwing whips. (And a good idea any time in a space where whips are being thrown.)
  • While not mandatory, protective gear in addition to eye cover is a good idea. Earplugs for supersonic cracking; wide-brimmed hats for erratic whip ends; long-sleeved jackets, all can make one's experience more comfortable in the long run...
  • Targets might be provided from time to time, but we'd like to avoid impact on sentient beings.
  • If so many appear that space is at a premium, some space management decisions will be made by Grizzly. Whips can take up a hemispherical amount of space in 360 horizontal degrees with some kinds of throwing, so being aware of this can add to personal safety.
  • Please don't ever pick up someone's whips or gear without being given specific permission to do so.
  • Please be aware of the sonic cone you create when throwing a whip that goes supersonic, and those standing down from you in that cone who will get the brunt of that cracking volume.
  • Leather whips can be delicate creatures, so if lent one, try to keep it out of any dirt on the ground, out of any damp grass, and if putting it down, much like mountaineering rope, try never to step on a whip. And do remember that getting Golden Gate Park dirt in a whip is essentially getting sand into the plaiting. And sand is pretty close to ground glass...
  • If not actively throwing whips, please stay conscious of the fact that whips are whirring around you. Idle chattery with those throwing whips (despite the bad example Grizzly will undoubtedly be portraying) isn't the best idea, unless you like being slapped with rogue distracted throws...
  • This is intended really as a workshop for adults. If you are under 18, please first contact Grizzly ( to discuss whether your attendance might be a good fit for the workshop.