Loaners available for novices

What's available for novices:

Ideally, each person attending has their own equipment, including whips. On t'other hand, quite often, someone is interested in whips, but hasn't yet made enough of a commitment to purchase a whip. Usually veteran whip wielders attending will be willing to lend out a whip. Quite likely although not an absolute guarantee.

Additionally, through some vendor generosity, we do have some loaner whips available at Bullwhips by the Bay.

...Special thanks to ConZept DeZigns Whips out of the Pacific Northwest, whose great generosity has furnished most of the loaner whips (marine cord) found at Bullwhips by the Bay.

ConZept DeZigns is particularly known for providing an alternative to the usual ‘do-I-buy-kangaroo-or-nylon-paracord-whips’ agonizing. ConZept uses a kind of marine cord for whips that it feels will work better when wet, and will avoid the stretching that can render an older nylon whip too limp for responsive targeting.

ConZept can be contacted at:

ConZept DeZigns Whips



Special thanks to Cosmo Hom, for providing an 8 foot paracord bullwhip to Bullwhips by the Bay.