Bullwhips by the Bay

... is OFF for November 21, 2021 due to lack of RSVPs. :(

Masks optional, but stand at least 6 feet apart anyway...

Bullwhips by the Bay is the San Francisco Bay Area's longest continually-running whips workshop. It is a peer workshop for those enthusiastic about whips and whip throwing, held monthly in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, not far from the Polo Field. Dedicated to the memory of Jonathon "Grizzly" Eros.

Rain the day of the workshop cancels.

What is this workshop?

Bullwhips by the Bay is for those interested in any of the various kinds and uses of whips. It is a "peer workshop", where teaching is voluntary and peers share knowledge of technique. All that's guaranteed at any one session is access to space. Usually those attending are more than happy to teach first-timers and give demonstrations.

It's intended as a place to be able to come together and safely learn and use skills in wielding the various kinds of whips (snake whips, stock whips, bullwhips, and so on). All forms of whippery encouraged, but no one style will be emphasized.

When does Bullwhips by the Bay happen?

Bullwhips by the Bay happens the third Sunday of the month, 11:30 a.m to 1:00 p.m, location below.

Weather, conflicting events in the Golden Gate Park, or personal matters may lead to cancellation or rescheduling. Subscribe to the mailing list and watch the shared calendar for announcements.

Golden Gate Park outdoor workshops will be canceled should any amount of rain fall that morning, from midnight on. If you'd like information on weather the day of the event, try checking here.

Where do I go for Bullwhips by the Bay?

We meet in Golden Gate Park, a bit East and South of the Polo Field, directly across from Metson Lake on Middle Drive West.

(The central stretch of Middle Drive West is closed to vehicle traffic; best to approach from the West, park by the Polo Field, and anticipate a short walk towards Metson Lake.)

How do I get notifications of upcoming events or cancelations?

Join the mailing list at the link below. Make sure you set the option to receive messages by email.


You can contact the current coordinator by email at: inexorabletash@gmail.com

RSVPs are recommended!