Bullwhips by the Bay is the San Francisco Bay Area's longest continually-running whips workshop, since 1997.  It is a peer workshop for those enthusiastic about whips and whip throwing, held twice monthly in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, not far from the Polo Field. 

Rain the day of the workshop cancels.

What is this workshop?

Bullwhips by the Bay is intended for those interested in any of the various kinds and uses of whips. While Grizzly and others will be doing a certain amount of teaching, the model being used is called a "peer workshop" since the format will not be that of a formal class. In a formal class, an instructor has the responsibility to teach specific lessons, and to furnish teaching materials, like whips. As a peer workshop, teaching is voluntary, a matter of peers helping other peers with their practice and sharing of knowledge of technique. All that's guaranteed at any one session is access to space. Teaching or borrowing whips for those seeking such, may or may not occur, depending on the makeup of any particular event.

It's intended as a place to be able to come together and safely learn and use skills in wielding the various kinds of whips (sometimes referred to as singletails; signal whips; snake whips; black snakes; stock whips; bullwhips, and cow whips). All forms of whippery encouraged, but no one style will be emphasized.

When does Bullwhips by the Bay happen?

Bullwhips by the Bay will be on the second and fourth Sunday of the month, 11:30 a.m to 1:00 p.m, location below. Once in a long while there might be some sort of personal emergency requiring cancellation, so it's always a good idea to contact Grizzly in advance, to ensure the class is occurring. All cancellations (for reasons other than rain -- rain being self-evident all by itself) will be posted immediately on certain online groups, and sent out via Grizzly's Bullwhips by the Bay email announcement list. And it's a VERY good idea to send Grizzly your direct email address to be added on to the Bullwhips by the Bay email announcement list for last-minute notifications.

Golden Gate Park outdoor classes will be canceled should any amount of rain fall that morning, from midnight on. If you'd like information on weather the day of the event, try checking here

Where do I go for Bullwhips by the Bay?

While the weather is good, we'll be at a location in Golden Gate Park, a bit east and south of the Polo Field, directly across from Metson Lake.

This hand-crafted map shows where occasional road blockage occurs, and the easiest routes into the park to the area we'll be using from either north or south. Click here for map...

If you've use the GPS in your vehicle or on your phone, you can try finding us via the coordinates:

N 37 degrees 46.048'
W 122 degrees 29.371'

How do I get notifications of upcoming events?

Email Grizzly directly at: events@laughingbear.org 

We're also trying out a group for announcements. Join to receive them: